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  • 10007490_10154033962545113_191277360304830942_n (1)Since talking with Jessica, and learning to apply the Law Of Attraction to my daily life and parenting skills, things have gotten better dramatically! She taught me about pre-paving where you envision how you want your day to go. I applied this with my parenting and envisioned myself being the best parent I can be. My son listens a lot better and has been getting in less trouble at school. I have been able to obtain a better balance work and parent life because of her. Before working with Jessica, I was having troubles getting my son to listen and follow directions at school.

    Erin Pitts

  • photo2Jessica has been a blessing in so many ways to our family. She not only provides the best care possible for our 18-month-old daughter, but also has given us as parents the confidence and knowledge to help her grow and learn in ways we never would have thought of without Jessica’s help. My husband and I have also benefited so much from Jessica’s guidance. She has coached us through the transition from baby to toddler and in doing so, made us much more confident parents than we would be on our own. She is also so patient with our questions, taking the time to walk us through everything from discipline to bedtime. In short, she is a fabulous teacher who truly cares about children and enjoys helping them grow into the people they will someday be. She loves what she does and it shows every day! We can’t recommend her enough!

    Emily and Tom, parents of a now 18 month old

  • photoJessica is an inspiration in countless ways!! I joined her Law of attraction (LOA) group on Facebook a little over 60 days ago and the journey was amazing! At the beginning of the journey, I was struggling financially, not living a healthy life, and was not where I wanted to be in life (in regards to romantic relationships). But by the end of the 60 days, I am now living in a new apartment which is very helpful financially, I am working out regularly and eating better, and about 2 weeks before the 60 day LOA group ended, I met someone who is shaping up to be pretty amazing and may be a potential romantic partner and all of these things have come from her guidance. I feel like I have known her for years and will continue to be in contact with her because finding such a supportive and uplifting person is such a rarity, and I am honored to call her a friend. She is intelligent, kind, and will not hesitate to help you on your journey for whatever it is that you seek.

    Nicole G.

  • Screenshot_2014-08-06-01-17-16-1It's been almost 60 days since I joined the "Change Your Life Series Workshop #1" I came into your group a very broken person wanting a 360-lifestyle change.  I'm so grateful and appreciative of everything in my life, you taught me what limiting beliefs were, how to identify them forgive and release them, how to bless my guidance but most of all you taught me how to be Happy and once I got happy everything started changing. I just want to thank you again for helping me you're a Beautiful Awesome Spirit and I Love You Forever! I thank you so much for creating this group it saved my life.

    DeeDee Spencer

  • photo (2) I was looking for childcare on the weekends (which there was a lack of) when  an educational childcare service popped up, Kid's Night Out Parent's Night Off.  I would highly recommend them to anyone with kids! Jessica and Lina really saved me in my time of need for an educational service that was reliable, and challenged my sons development.  The minute I met Jessica/Lina I felt really comfortable with them. My son Mason instantly loved them and wanted to play with both ladies. Their emphasis seemed to be on developing learning through play. They engaged and taught him the whole time instead of just putting on the TV.

    Christine, mom of a 2 year old

  • imageI really enjoyed my experience in the workshop. Before joining I wasn't as confident in my abilities to complete tasks or I would always talk myself out of opportunities that could have changed my life. I felt like things were always going wrong and it was really hard on me when I couldn't find a job. Through my meditation and pre paving daily I manifested a job and I'm currently in training and I'm excited. The sky is not the limit because I'm going higher!!!

    Tyiesha Crawford

  • IMG_2002Jessica was so caring and loving to my then 3-month-old son, Rhett. So much of parenting is trial and error; she was someone who was easy to speak to about any and all concerns I had about Rhett. She fostered the early seeds of independence - teaching him to hold his own bottle and helping him when he would get frustrated. She was always calm and warm to him. I would trust her to watch Rhett any time.

    Tracey B., mom of a 1 year old.

  • Jessica was a wonderful resource to my husband and I as we endured parenthood for the first time. She kept us up to date on milestones that our son should be hitting in his first few months of life. Even better, she worked with us, 1:1 to help us sleep train our son. She is a wealth of knowledge in terms of when your child should be hitting which milestones and how best to help him get there. No need for parenting books, just ask Jessica!

    Elizabeth, Mom of a now 8 month old

  • photo (1)You’re fully dedicated to supporting the development of children and always a team player. I admire your strategic planning style and the manner in which you communicate with families. Planning the environment is always great fun with you and when we brainstorm to create exciting curriculums for the children, there’s never a dull moment. You’re patient, warm and compassionate spirit is contagious. I look forward to coming to the workplace each day knowing that I am in the company of someone who enjoys working with children and families as much as I do.

    Shawnette Mann, Toddler Teacher

  • We are grateful to have had Jessica take care of our son. From the very beginning she set a very high standard. My son was saying please and asking to use the broom at a very young age. He clearly thrived on the excellent combination of clear boundaries, structure and lots of love. We have worked with her in a number of different contexts and we are impressed by her knowledge, skill and passion. Any child would benefit from all that she has to offer.

    Dr. Leventer- Roberts mom of a now 1 year old

  • Hi Jessica - Overall things are much better.  Thank you so much.  The biggest value was in increasing my confidence, knowing I was doing the right thing.  And feeling I had a good balance of sticking to my guns and not completely abandoning her because I was coming back in to check on her.

    Mom of a 3 year old

  • If I could describe Jessica as a superior/educator, I would say that her work is superb! She is innovative, caring and sincerely has a passion for what she does.  She has a way of building great relationships with those inferior to her as well as with the parents, which is essential to working with children.  When it comes to caring for children, Jessica is very knowledgeable and shares that knowledge with those working around her.  She has a way of making everyone feel as if we’re on the same level, hence no one is above no one. She cherished each kid as if they were her own and even offered me advice with my own child.  Anyone who is considering adding Jessica to their team would be getting not just an outstanding educator, but an outstanding person overall.  With her integrity, smarts and dedication, anyone would be very fortunate to have her.

    Marjorie Mayes, previous employee and mom of a 1 year old

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